BLAB 7 Show Notes and Video

Here we go:





1 thought on “BLAB 7 Show Notes and Video

  1. Following the chat about E-readers and book. Looks liek Waterstone want part of teh digital revolution:
    Waterstone to launch unlimited digital books business
    Tim Waterstone, founder of UK book retailer Waterstones, plans to launch a new digital books business called Read Petite, reports the Daily Telegraph. The business will charge users a flat rate to access as many books as they line online, similar to the Spotify digital music service. It will specialise in short stories and serialisations, with Waterstone insisting this are suited to commuters and other time-pressed people. It will only publish works by authors who have already been picked up by traditional publishing house. Read Petite will launch towards end-2013 and is likely to charge between £5-£12 a month, Waterstone told The Telegraph

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