Mobile Frame Zero

I’ve been catching up with the wonderful DLC podcast over the past few days, and have just found out about the amazing sounding ‘Mobile Frame Zero’. This is a kickstarted rule-set for a tabletop miniature wargame using lego blocks you almost certainly already own.

You can download the PDF ruleset for free, but they almost certainly deserve some of your money for it.

Check it out at

BLAB 5 Reminder

Yes!  It is tomorrow.  At my house – let’s go 7:30 for 8:00 again.  Topic reminders… Ticket To Ride in all its iterations and Seven Samurai.  If you haven’t watched Seven Samurai yet, well, you’ve only got tonight to get it done, so you’re in for a bonza night!  We’ll also have a chat about the Oscar nominations.

And, perhaps, bring a suggestion for an upcoming BLAB topic and maybe we’ll have a vote or something.