Blab Fantasy F1 League

If you like Formula One, fantasy leagues, or maybe even both, feel free to join the official ‘Blab Formula One’ fantasy league. It’s operated by Autosport’s superb ‘Grand Prix Predictor’, and is completely free. Interested? Just click this link and you’ll be prompted to sign up. Once complete, you should (at least in theory) automatically be added to the Blab league.

If you’ve already got an account with the GP Predictor, just sign in and use the below code to find our league. 


Have fun and good luck!

F1 Cars Aplenty – Mercedes and Toro Rosso EDIT: Red Bull and the Ugliest Car in F1

More launch images. Most of the teams are at Jerez this week for the first test session of 2014..Lotus are the big name missing. Here’s the Mercedes and Toro Rosso



And here’s the Red Bull. Expect to be seeing a lot of this, mostly from the back 😦



The ugliest car award definitely goes to the Force India. This is the design everyone

Ferrari F14-T

And here’s the next big one. Ferrari’s new F14-T.




As with the McLaren, we see a low nose, as the rules dictate, but Ferrari have taken a different approach. Ferrari have taken the entire nose down to the recommended level, whereas it seems the popular design is to do so with just a small protrusion. 

Neither design is particularly attractive, although I think Ferrari’s approach looks less ‘odd’. Reminds me of the the Williams FW13 (1990)