Humble Bundle does it again!

Pay more than the average for Humble Bundle 9 (which, at the moment, is $3.77) and you get FTL: Faster Than Light and Fez in addition to the four games – one of which is Mark of the Ninja.

It’s insane I tell you.  Even if you’re not that much of a gamer, these are games that almost transcend the hobby.

Papers Please

Hello Cart Life lovers. I gave this a whirl earlier on and can confidentially say that it captures the spirit of the aforementioned, but is actually a little more fun to play.


There is even some colour. The game involves checking people’s documentation in order to determine whether or not you should let them into your (fictional) country. This becomes increasingly more complicated as the political situation in the region changes. There’s even a bit of humour thrown in.

I would recommend checking it out, especially as it’s currently free from Lucas Pope’s website