TV Stuff

Hollywood Treasure has now started it’s second series and it’s almost as if they’ve been listening to me.. I’m quite sure they’ve not though.

Each show now runs for an hour as appose to the ridiculously squashed 30 minutes. They’ve also dropped the stupid ‘ooh we’re under pressure for the next auction’ nonsense.

What we get now is a balanced 60 minutes where we actually get to understand a little bit about the process of uncovering cool TV and Movie stuff that people are interesting in selling. It’s fascinating to see where some of these famous props have ended up and what they are worth. I’d thoroughly recommend if you’re remotely interested in Movie history.

And, as the last show airs, a nod to The Great Comic Relief Bake Off. Great to see the format of the show unchanged with less serious undertones. Genuinely entertaining.. If you like that sort if thing.