BLAB F1 Fantasy F1

I know you’ll all be very interested in this, so I’m putting it out there. It’s all rather last minute I’m afraid with the first Grand Prix of the season being this weekend in Australia.

Here’s the link to our own BLAB F1 League, run by Autosport.

Blab Fantasy F1 League

If you like Formula One, fantasy leagues, or maybe even both, feel free to join the official ‘Blab Formula One’ fantasy league. It’s operated by Autosport’s superb ‘Grand Prix Predictor’, and is completely free. Interested? Just click this link and you’ll be prompted to sign up. Once complete, you should (at least in theory) automatically be added to the Blab league.

If you’ve already got an account with the GP Predictor, just sign in and use the below code to find our league. 


Have fun and good luck!

Sectioned Sauber F1


I suppose this is slightly off-topic for BLAB, but it fits into the Sports/Technology bracket in our header so there it is.

With the F1 season fast approaching, and the design of new cars being scrutinised from every angle, here’s a fascinating video Sauber did a while back showing the workings of an F1 car. Amazingly they sectioned one of their old cars to show us.