Meeting 1, Done And Dusted

Meeting 1 happened.  Three attendees and a few apologies from people who couldn’t make it – so not a disaster.  I know you won’t, but video of the meeting is now viewable.  Thrilling stuff it is not, but it is proof that it actually happened

Jaws discussion starts at about 55:30.  Yes, we spent 55 minutes talking about not Jaws.  The Walking Dead discussion starts at about 1:46:50. Seriously though.  Don’t bother.

BLABclub Meeting 1 – Final Reminder

This is just a very quick reminder for those who are interested and able. BLABclub Meeting 1 is tonight. 7:00 for 7:30 at my house. There will be lager, whisky, salty snacks and the option to order takeaway food if required.

For those that can’t attend but still want to be involved, we’ll be using a Google Hangout, which you can join and participate – it’s basically like a video conference. Send me your Google+ identity email and I’ll invite you to join the Hangout at 7:00pm. Beer and whisky are not available via the Hangout.

That is all.

BLAB Meeting 1 – Confirmation

Barring any international incidents, Meeting 1 of BLAB will be on Tuesday, October 2nd at 19:00 with the meeting proper to commence at about 19:30.  Venue will be my house!  That’s 49 Coxley Drive, Bath BA1 6PD.

Don’t forget to watch Jaws (let me or Andy know if you don’t have access to a copy – we’ll try to work something out) and read Issue 1 of The Walking Dead comic (most likely at

Meeting 1: Jaws and The Walking Dead

The lead-off topic for the first ever meeting of BLAB is Jaws.  We were inspired by its recent release on Blu-ray, and it seems like the perfect opener for us to chew on.  It’s a movie we’re all probably pretty familiar with, but how deep have you really gone?  Let’s really sink our teeth into it.

We’ll also have a chat about the first issue of The Walking Dead (comic).  Available for free on ComiXology; online at or the free ComiXology app for iOS and Android (did I mention it’s free?).

Meeting 1 will be (tentatively) Tuesday October 2nd, 2012 at probably 19:00 or 19:30, venue to be announced.  We’d like at least a few people to attend so this is flexible if folks can’t make it.  Let us know if this date is a problem and we’ll see what we can do.