Girl Walk // All Day

I just wanted to point you in the direction of Girl Walk // All Day.  It’s an independent film (funded by Kickstarter I believe), a feature-length music video, if you like.  I heard about it from the Filmspotting and Filmspotting SVU podcasts, both of which recommended it highly.  It features the dancing of a few people (primarily a woman named Anne Marsen) as they make their way through New York City.  Evidently filmed without permits it includes reactions of bystanders and passers-by as well as some great choreographed moments.  It’s broken into 12 chapters, which can all be watched on the website for free.  It’s all to the mash-up album All Day by Girl Talk, which is in itself pretty darn cool.

BLAB4 – Casino Royale and The King’s Speech

So, it seems we are set for Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at the Gosling residence. See you at 7:30-8:00pm.

First topic is Ian Fleming’s original James Bond book Casino Royale. It’s short, so if you’re not me, you might be able to get it finished before next Tuesday. I have finished it, by the way.

We’ll also chat about The King’s Speech, the 2010 film that stars Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. It can be p-purchased from Amazon here.

Was there something else? I can’t remember.


So I finally got a chance to see Watchmen last night – although I didn’t catch the first 20 minutes of it.  After our brief discussions of the graphic novel and AC’s less than positive thoughts about the movie I was quite keen to see it myself.

It was great to see the graphic novel so well realised.  Almost every main character from the book is superbly embodied in the film.  Rorschach is particularly well done – he was my favourite character from the graphic novel and remained so in the film.  To mirror Andy’s thoughts, it is very dark and depressing with very little joy, which, in fairness, is pretty faithful to the book – and probably had less of a negative impact on me as a result.  Some of the graphic novel’s best stuff (specifically the pirate comic used as a metaphor for the main story) was left out, understandably so because it would have been impossible to implement successfully, and the finale was changed.  To be honest though, I don’t think the film suffers as a consequence.

Last couple of things; it was very violent, which is par for the course for a comic book story I suppose.  Some of the action is done very well.  The prison riot fight scene is particularly good I thought.  And finally, as Andy quite rightly says, Malin Åkerman is stunning in it.  She and one other character act as the point of normalcy against which all the crazy stuff is played.  She holds up her part proficiently.  And visually, well, she almost steals the show.

The Other Guys

We watched The Other Guys on Lovefilm a couple of nights ago. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell seem like an unlikely pairing and it does jar occasionally.  In fact the film doesn’t keep together very well at times and doesn’t quite seem to have a total confidence in what it’s trying to be.  That said, it has more than a couple of moments where I was full-on LOLing – the finale of the short-lived appearence of Samuel Jackson and The Rock is, for me, comedy gold.  Will Ferrell is what you’d expect and as funny as he should be.  Mark Wahlberg is also, perhaps surpisingly, very funny at times.  Certainly nothing close to a comedy classic but definitely worth a look if you happen upon it.