So I finally got a chance to see Watchmen last night – although I didn’t catch the first 20 minutes of it.  After our brief discussions of the graphic novel and AC’s less than positive thoughts about the movie I was quite keen to see it myself.

It was great to see the graphic novel so well realised.  Almost every main character from the book is superbly embodied in the film.  Rorschach is particularly well done – he was my favourite character from the graphic novel and remained so in the film.  To mirror Andy’s thoughts, it is very dark and depressing with very little joy, which, in fairness, is pretty faithful to the book – and probably had less of a negative impact on me as a result.  Some of the graphic novel’s best stuff (specifically the pirate comic used as a metaphor for the main story) was left out, understandably so because it would have been impossible to implement successfully, and the finale was changed.  To be honest though, I don’t think the film suffers as a consequence.

Last couple of things; it was very violent, which is par for the course for a comic book story I suppose.  Some of the action is done very well.  The prison riot fight scene is particularly good I thought.  And finally, as Andy quite rightly says, Malin Åkerman is stunning in it.  She and one other character act as the point of normalcy against which all the crazy stuff is played.  She holds up her part proficiently.  And visually, well, she almost steals the show.