Topic Suggestions

We thought it would be good to field suggestions from active members. Just reply to this thread with the title and media (e.g. Alien – Movie) and we’ll do the rest. It’ll help if the suggestion is for an easily accessible, free or very cheap subject, along with any tips on the best way to get hold of it.

10 thoughts on “Topic Suggestions

  1. Good start. I approve. I don’t know how we could work it but I’m going to suggest the board game Agricola. We’d probably have to arrange a seperate meeting just to play it.

  2. I like the idea of seeing movies that most people haven’t already seen… which made me think a cinema trip could be a cool idea to ensure no-one’s seen it already? Maybe for when The Hobbit comes out, or maybe something more obscure?

  3. With Kim’s cinema suggestion in mind I would like to offer up “Looper“. Time-travel sci-fi with noir and western flavour, apparently. Just about everything I love. It’s in cinemas now and I think would make a good topic for the November BLAB.

  4. Sadly I cannot make the next meeting! I had thoughts about a to talk about in Decemeber, The Great Escape. Though with it being Christmas talking about a Chritmas movie would be appropriate. Having never seen it, though rated by many as one of the greatest Christmas related films of all time. Could I suggest It’s A Wonderful Life?

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